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Gaining admission to any four year university is becoming increasingly difficult. Why not have a team of admissions experts on your side to help you through this process. Get the advantage by having our experts completely prepare you for college admissions as they review your application, assist you with your personal statement and provide one-on-one SAT tutoring.

We have created a proven-to-work program that substantially increases students chances of obtaining admission from the university of their choice. Our affordable programs have increased students SAT scores, enhanced their application, and drastically improved their personal statements by providing unlimited assistance with their essays.


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This package allows students to create their own combination of tutoring hours, and help with their personal statement or application review.
Students also have the flexibility to adjust the time a tutor spends on a particular subject. 123
This package assists a student in all three steps of college admission: SAT, personal statement and college application review.
If you are struggling with your personal statement and need substantial assistance with the SAT, this package is perfect for you. You will be provided with a full SAT course along with unlimited assistance with your personal statement that will ultimately impress the admissions committee.
This package fully assists students struggling with their personal statement.
It is important to know the information that must be included with the application in order to make a compelling impact on the admissions committee. This package is perfect for those who are interested in having their admissions application analyzed and reviewed by a team of our experts.

Welcome to, a company dedicated to helping students achieve their full academic potential. We are experts in helping college-bound students like you succeed on the SAT. Our tutors offer personalized instruction through local tutoring and online tutoring. In addition, we also offer a variety of online courses, study aids and subject area information. These resources, combined with our expert tutoring services, will help you maximize your SAT test scores and gain admission to top colleges. If the SAT is on the horizon for you, let help make your dreams come true!


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