SAT English

The SAT English section is broken into two key parts: critical reading and essay writing. Each part features its own unique attributes and testing mechanisms.

Critical Reading

The SAT Critical Reading section features 67 multiple-choice questions. The SAT Critical Reading section has short and long passages that students must read. Following each passage, students will complete questions that involve sentence completion and reading comprehension questions. There are also some aspects of vocabulary in this section.

This section of the SAT is very time consuming and requires close attention to detail. can teach you to master the SAT Critical Reading section by applying accurate and efficient test-taking strategies.

Essay Writing

Writing skills are measured on the SAT test with 50 questions. The SAT Writing section features three different types of questions:

   Identifying sentence errors (multiple choice) – 18 questions

·                Improving sentences (multiple choice) – 25 questions

·                Improving paragraphs (multiple choice) – 6 questions

·                Essay question (persuasive writing) – 1 question

This section of the SAT is very time consuming and the essay is considered to be one of the most challenging aspects of the test. can guide you in mastering good writing techniques and test-taking strategies to maximize your time and create an impressive response.  


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