SAT Math

Math skills are measured on the SAT test with 54 questions. The SAT math section features two different types of questions:

·          Problem solving (multiple choice) – 44 questions
Student-produced response questions (grid) – 10 questions

As you take the math section, the questions will gradually increase in difficulty. The following key areas are addressed in this section of the test:

  • ·         Algebra I
  • ·         Algebra II
  • ·         Geometry
  • ·         Statistics
  • ·         Probability
  • ·         Data Analysis

Of the all the sections on the SAT, the math questions are often feared the most by students. Fortunately, there are many proven strategies that can help you overcome anxiety about the math section; most importantly, these strategies can also help you solve problems more effectively and achieve the scores that you want. can teach you a variety of these proven strategies and position you for success on the math section!


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